Jail Mugs


Those appearing on this page have not been convicted of the arresting charge(s) and are presumed innocent. Do not rely on this site to determine any person’s actual criminal record. Jail mugs appear on our site for 96 hours and are then archived. Booking photos and related information comes from arrest records, gathered and disseminated by local county sheriff’s offices. The Weber and Davis county jails supply an arrest report each business day. Mug shots of those who bail or bond out of jail before the report is created and sent out are not included in the daily report. For questions about arresting information or photos, contact the incarcerating agency.

Weber County Jail main number: 801-778-6700
Davis County Jail main number: 801-451-4200

For other questions or concerns about the jail bookings page, call the newsroom at 801-625-4225.

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